B skins 68% / B keys 1.6e

From now on I'm also offering not just to buy skins, but also sell them. Selling price is not that cheap, but still if you want to buy skins in legit way, you can also contact me. During the start, selling price will remain like now, but if I will get more customers, selling price will definitely will go cheaper. So yeah.

Buying skins, knives 68%. Not buying skins lower than 10eu
Lastly, buying CSGO keys for 1.60
Selling those skins I have in my inventory and just those. Not reserving, getting new ones by order. Selling price will be listen JUST IN PM, NOT GONNA TELL PRICE HERE. So check my inventory ( steamcommunity.com/id/elvizzz22/inventory ) to see if you are interested in skins I sell.

Will pay through any available Latvian bank, preferably Swedbank. Can also pay through Skrill.
Huge reputation, so not going first. Testing (selling skins with low price) is acceptable to make sure I'm reliable. Also I will provide any ss you will ask, as well as we can talk in skype: elvizzz22
Just add me and leave your prices that you selling. Maybe we can deal. ;)
Reputation and steam: steamcommunity.com/id/elvizzz22

Proof that I bought some stuff from Latvians: imgur.com/a/eC9IN
Total sold stuff for ~10100. ~8600 in swedbank, ~1500 in paysera. Also I had previous bank statement, but I deleted it for a personal reasons. There was ~2000eu statement. So in total ~12000 euros.

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  • Elviz
    #1 Elviz
    10.11.2017  14:43:54
    Out of stock, will write topic again when I will need anything.

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