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PlayStation 4 vai Xbox One? & Pochinki FM - SQUAD tournament

Fellow gamers we are proud to open our registration for the first time on PUBG.LV for this weeks squad tournament. Registration is open till 03.09.2017 12:00 [GMT+2].

To apply for the tournament:
1. Please go to main menu **Komandas** and on the right side you will se a button "Izveidot komandu";
2. When team is created you will be able to send invitations to your teammates; (they must be accepted);
3. When all players have joined the team you will be able to apply your team for the tournament here:



All registrations will be applied within three waves.
First part: 01.09.2017 at 20:00;
Seccond part: 02.09.2017 at 20:00;
Third part: 03.09.2017 at 12:00;

Teams that have been approved for the tournament will be visible in participants list. While team is not accepted it's roster can be changed but when team is approved the roster is final and can not be changed!



2017.09.03. at 19:00 PM;
Server: PUBG.LV/Pochinki FM - SQUADS
Password will be sent before the games via;
Format: 3x SQUAD games with all default settings except red zone;
Type: All games will be played as 3rd person;



Official stream of the event will be available at Pochinki FM with 5min delay of the actual game.



This weekend games will consist of 3 consequent games. Games will be played one after another with 15-20 minutes between each other, where players need to connect to the server and form a lobby. Tournament point system is based on team placement in a game, not by kill count.



4 * 20EUR Steam gift-cards;
Note: Winner from 27.08.2017 will receive 10pts for the first game never the less what place they stay in first game [10 + x + y];



You can get know with general rules of the game in official PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds website:



Following the newest "PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS" rules, all participants of this event needs to have at least 120 second delay to their livestream, to prevent bad conditions for yourself, team and other players. Breaking this rule, player will be kicked from this event.



- 1 place - 10 pts
- 2 place - 9 pts
- 3 place - 8 pts
- 4 place - 7 pts
- 5 place - 6 pts
- 6 place - 5 pts
- 7 place - 4 pts
- 8 place - 3 pts
- 9 place - 2 pts
- 10 place - 1 pt
- 10+ place - 0 pts

Team, that after all games has the most points, will be declared as winner. If teams have the same point count, then teams total kill count from all games in this event, will be used to compare and decide teams placement(only if the team has gotten in TOP 10).

Autors: kompots @ 01.09.2017 14:50
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