CS:GO Baltic Online Cup - My view on it
Hey guys!

This will be a small post with my impressions of the CS:GO Baltic Cup, which was played out this weekend. I had an opportunity to witness organization as well as participants of this tournament by casting the matches live on my twitch channel. I have no intent in blackmailing any person or organization, including the sponsors, which took part in this event.

Let's start from the beginning. I was willing to cast these games absolutely for free, because it was a great opportunity for me to promote my twitch channel, as well as improve my casting skills, which I greatly lack for upcoming LAN events. One day before the tournament organizer gave me an overlay, which I had to put on during the matches, that had various CS:GO gambling sites on it, which I didn't like very much, but in the end for certain fee I accepted his offer. So yes, I got paid virtual money to advertise those sites.
Looking at the prize pool, which consisted of 1000$ in skins gave me a hope, that this tournament will be a great way to promote CS:GO scene in Baltic states by bringing a lot of interest from top level teams in our region, so I was even happier to be a part of this event.
Here comes the part from which you will understand why I'm writing this article. This may offend somebody or make someone unhappy, but it has to be said publicly, so these mistakes don't happen again for the sake of our e-Sports scene, which I like to see grow more rapidly.
First matches started with small delay and server technical difficulties, but these things tend to happen and all these issues got sorted out pretty quickly. Players played on rented German servers which had GOTV, which I was spectating from and the Quarterfinals went very smoothly with some small hiccups here and there. Admin sent me updated overlays to put on between matches in time so I was a happy caster ... Until Semi-finals, nGu versus Affliction in particular. If you are interested how those matched panned out, feel free to check them out on my twitch page - http://twitch.tv/lazetv in past broadcasts section. You will be able to watch whole first day of said tournament there. Looking at the match on paper between these two teams it clearly favoured nGu as they are more experienced and established team, but nonetheless they were very close. First map (mirage) was barely won by Latvian team with score being 16-14, second map (cbble 10 - 16) which Lithuanians were more dominant and the last map (cache), which ended up in the spotlight of the whole tournament. nGu got a convincing win on that map with score being 16-2 completely crushing their enemies. Shortly after the last map Affliction accused one of the NGU players in using cheats to win the match. The player who was called a cheater was ZhabeY. Tournament admin, who also was the organizer of this whole event, asked for a demo of the last map from ZhabeY, but unfortunately for them, he didn't record it, so gem accepted their defeat saying that he acknowledges the rules and well... they got disqualified from the tournament, because of that. But wait ... what rules? Quickly afterwards I checked all the tournament information sources including esports.lt article - [Link] , Steam group - [Link] , as well as different other sources - [Link] , [Link] . There were no signs for any rules whatsoever of this tournament whatsoever. Then hopplo pointed out to previous article on esports.lt, and he pulled out a quote „You will play in our own servers, where exists anti-cheat, so there will be no troubles with cheaters.” (you can read it yourselves by clicking on the first link). So if there were secure servers with anti-cheat on them (which by the way they weren’t, because admin couldn’t provide them to players), why would anyone accuse a player for using cheats? It is written in stone from CS 1.6 decade, that every player has to record their own demos, but you have to remember, 1.6 didn’t have advanced VAC system as well as detailed HLTV service. But wait ... these servers had GOTV, which I was spectating from, right? Of course, but admin couldn’t retrieve the replay for no reason. In between hopplo tried to be funny by saying, the only reason why he recorded the demo was to collect some frags for a frag movie, which was a silly reason nonetheless, but it got Affliction really pissed off. Decision was made in a matter of 15 minutes and well ... You can’t really argue with admin... , right? After the first day of casting I managed to contact the manager of team CSGOPoker who, by the way, is a good guy. After talking to him for several hours about the semi-final match in their TS server, we somehow managed to find middle ground and he promised to speak with admin on the next day, which he did. In the meanwhile players from Affliction were sitting few channel below us and, of course, they got curious about what we were talking about, as well as CSGOPoker team manager messaged them stating that there could be a rematch tomorrow on the de_cache, so it would be fair between the two teams. I would say it’s a win/win situation for both teams, but Affliction strongly disagreed with us, besides that they verbally assaulted me and showed a very disrespectful behaviour, which I was not happy about. I won’t go much into detail, but I was very disappointed after this short talk (I wouldn’t say that it was much of a talk, because they didn’t let me state an opinion as I am just a „spectator”).
Next day I logged into Steam, I was messaged to join TS for group chat. Thankfully admin decided to do a rematch, which in my opinion was not needed, as NGU defeated Affliction fair and square. Anyway, after repetitive trash talk in the TS rematch was started. On the second round, for the first time in his life, ZhabeY got DDOSed, as he had 80-90% loss, shortly after the match was paused and he disconnected from the server. This all could be just a coincidence, of course. Maybe ZhabeY’s worst enemy, some kid he beat 1vs1 5 years ago decided to finally revenge his loss and DDOS ZhabeY while he was playing this deciding match for the spot in the finals. But still, it got me really tilted, as only couple hundred $ worth of skins were at risk. Thank God I didn’t stream that game, because it made me red throughout the match. In the end, ZhabeY sorted out his internet issues by contacting his provider and changing the server they were playing on, Affliction won the game (I don’t remember the score).
In the end I refused to cast the last match, but thankfully by friend LiveLRK took the flag and did the job perfectly! I was just disgusted by the attitude and I didn’t want to express my negative emotions in front of many viewers, so it was easier for to forfeit this event.
In conclusion, the main thought which I would like to spread out with this long post is that – guys stop fucking up! There were clearly couple things that went wrong with this tournament – the main issue was carelessness which came from organizers leaving disrespectful behaviour being unpunished. This tournament had huge potential thanks to its prize pool being freaking 1000$! No emphasis was put to promote this tournament in any way, most of the teams from Baltic region didn’t know about this event, e.g., GamePlayDNA themselves stated that they would much like to participate in this event if just they knew about it previous to this weekend (got this from a side source, was not messaged directly). This is not only a very bad example how you should organize and manage funding of the tournament, but as well as it shows how childish the teams and players are acting during these events. I tried to outline the main issues without putting a shade on anyone in particular. This kind of attitude is the reason why sponsors like MSI, Steelseries, BenQ etc. will never sponsor teams or small events from our region, which will lead to constant stagnation of eSports in Baltic. Pull your shit together and stop fucking up great opportunities!
This whole article is my sole opinion, and I am responsible for everything I wrote. If you want to further talk shit about me, NGU or Latvians in particular as some of the players did, well, give it a shot in public forum. We will take notes how to act in a competitive scene. Hopefully no one got offended by this post as it wasn’t the main intension.
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  • Ngel
    #1 Ngel
    24.08.2015  22:54:43
    pedeja laika no lt nak tikai mesli.
    beigas kad mes spelejam 1/8 finalu (notamix), ienaca infa, ka tie kas uzvares sanjems 2 nazhus uz visu komandu, jo esot kaut kas mainijies ar sponsoriem etc...
  • kul
    #2 kul
    25.08.2015  11:54:07
    Tur viss bija nežēlīgi rigged, salika bracketus, pēc tam vēl mainīja 20 reizes, kad jau sāka spēlēt puse no komandām, mums arī bija tā, mēs izspēlējām pirmo spēli, pēc tam uzreiz rīt otro, pēc otrās spēles mums paprasa demkas no pirmās spēles sakot, ka bija obligāts, lai gan admins pirms spēles teica, ka nav obligāts, tā ir tāda vienkārši LT csa reklāmā, in reality viņi sūkā un var uzvarēt tikai pateicoties uzpirkšanai vai arī haļavām.

    English version of what i said -

    In my opinion this tournament was rigged. Brackets were changing even tho half of the games already toke place, they were changing to be good for lihtuanian teams and to make sure at least 1-2 lt teams gets to the top. We had our funny moment aswell, before 1st game against estonian team we asked admin if we need to record demos, the admins told no, after we played 1st game, we had 2nd game on the next day, so we played 2nd game and after this game, we were asked to give demos. This is fucking bullshit and just a shitty advertisment for shitty lt scene, you can go suck a cap of dicks lihtuanian shits, your cs will be shit forever :*.
  • gemlv
    #3 gemlv
    26.08.2015  12:26:23
    Nu lol. Kāpēc tu to publiski nepateici pirmstam? Būtu easily atsaukušies uz tavu situāciju, kad mūs uz demkām ņēma. --'
  • kul
    #4 kul
    26.08.2015  12:45:02
    Well, nezināju, ka būs tik liela hujņa, parasti arī bieži neko nepostoju tādu skillza, ja būtu man steam friendlistā gan jau būtu padevis ziņu. Bet nu jā, ko tu gaidīji no LT ? Tā jau nav pirmā reize kad viss ir rigged. :)
  • keshaN
    #5 keshaN
    28.08.2015  09:40:48
    eto pohodu uzhe tradicija dlja litovcev
  • luk3nzo
    #6 luk3nzo
    29.08.2015  17:28:19
    Hello guys,
    I was the organizer of that tournament.

    I would like to tell my opinion, and apologize all Latvian e-sports community.

    First thing I would like to tell, that this tournament was like a test tournament. Why? Because i'm very new to this, it was my first tournament. You could of told me what i'm doing wrong, maybe to correct me. I didn't even know anything.

    Second thing it was my biggest mistake of this tournament - Affliction didn't get any punishment. That was a huge mistake, yeah actually I had to kick them out of tournament, because they didn't respect me, LAZE, and other tournament participants.

    Third thing I want to say I have apologized NGU team, and I want to correct my mistakes, and help e-sports grow in Baltic countries. Also I want to apologize all of you guys for what happened. And also, Affliction will get a huge punishment from me, they won't be able to join my tournaments for a long time, they got a punishment from their sponsors.

    So again, I want to apologize guys, and just please, let my try to correct my mistakes within next tournaments.

    Best regards,
  • kul
    #9 kul
    30.08.2015  17:34:47
    Read what i said :)
  • EISS
    #7 EISS
    29.08.2015  18:25:54
    After tournament all can talk smart.. You should do something in tournament,not only now apologize to players who participate in your tournament. Maybe next time they dont want to play more,because you did nothing when tournament was. :( Only now you realize your mistakes,but good luck next time and dont do the same mistakes.

    Sorry for my english,if i have some mistakes in my text.
  • flexxch
    #8 flexxch
    29.08.2015  21:45:09
    nozaga man skinus ;(

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