Counter-Strike 1.6 Map

The original idea behind "Tuscan" was to take a royalty owned popular map "de_cpl_mill", and change and convert enough to create the same map without infringing on copyright issues. The end result became "Tuscan", and it is played more than any other map to date. In many ways the map has surpassed it's predecessor by being balanced and a great competive map.
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Размер файла: 3.95 MB
Файл загружен: 15.08.2009
Файл изменён: 07.04.2013
Загрузок: 5038
  • yodgen
    #1 yodgen
    18.05.2011  00:17:33
  • zebra
    #2 zebra
    03.07.2011  14:00:42
  • tranquehs
    #3 tranquehs
    15.12.2012  18:29:23
    (Y) de_tuscan. :D (Y)

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