Buy skins 65%/keys 1.8
Buying skins, knives 65%. Not buying skins lower than 0,7eu
Buying Steam Wallet, ratio 60:100. Mine 60, yours 100eu.
Lastly, buying CSGO keys for 1.80
Will pay through any available Latvian bank, preferably Swedbank or Paysera.
Huge reputation, so not going first. Testing (selling skins with low price) is acceptable to make sure I'm reliable. Also I will provide any ss you will ask, as well as we can talk in skype: elvizzz22
Just add me and leave your prices that you selling. Maybe we can deal. ;)
Reputation and steam:

Proof that I bought some stuff from Latvians:
Total sold stuff for ~7000eu. ~5500 in swedbank, ~1500 in paysera. Also I had previous bank statement, but I deleted it for a personal reasons. There was ~2000eu statement. So in total ~10000 euros.
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  • iljushkaaaaa
    #1 iljushkaaaaa
    18.05.2017  15:56:30 check thisone ;)
  • Elviz
    #2 Elviz
    18.05.2017  18:42:55
    He already added me before this topic was added. He doesnt want to go first, same as me. So we didnt dealt anything with each other. Thanks though ^^
  • iljushkaaaaa
    #3 iljushkaaaaa
    18.05.2017  21:35:59
    ahh okey ;) btw middleman?
  • Elviz
    #4 Elviz
    18.05.2017  23:09:34
    I don't really take middlemans, since Im middleman myself. Not taking Latvian ones, cause I don't really know much people who do that. Lithuanian middlemans, not gonna take it. Reason why - can't tell. Middlemans from Steamrep - you will wait for couple of weeks to contact them. So yeah, middlemans are not the ones who I deal with.
  • iljushkaaaaa
    #5 iljushkaaaaa
    19.05.2017  00:15:24
    ahh, oke braljukas
  • Elviz
    #6 Elviz
    19.05.2017  00:24:08

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