Hello! I am sure many of you know this project called MIXas.eu, but if not - let me briefly introduce it to you!
An automated CS 1.6 MIXES/GATHERS with an amazing, newly updated servers! Our servers gets approximately from 80k to 100k FPS which many of other servers only have from 1k to 10k(if that).
This project has been around with us for many years, but was shut down during this past year due to lack of activity from admins and no motivation, but WE ARE BACK!
Project admins are also working on new gather/cup systems, web engine and designs.

We are also open for any suggestions that you might be interested to share!
Hopefully see you soon guys!

Website: [Link]
Server IP's(currently 5 servers):

If any questions, feel free to ask right here, or add me on steam [Link]
Добавил: patoxoro
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  • outragelv
    #1 outragelv
    05.10.2017  14:52:39
  • qozn
    #2 qozn
    05.10.2017  15:09:34
    gtfo with 1.6 already
  • kWgoldenboy
    #3 kWgoldenboy
    05.10.2017  15:16:53
    It's nice to hear that someone is trying to do somthing, good luck ! But i think you and your "Project members" are living in difrent world.
  • patoxoro
    #5 patoxoro
    06.10.2017  10:41:15
    All G, not everyone likes CS:GO so start with, and there's still many many players that enjoys this old game more than the new one so that's the reason this project came back to life.
  • Nelaime
    #4 Nelaime
    05.10.2017  16:27:32
    Nost ar 1.6, bring back CS 1.0, kur AWP šāviens pat kājas īkšķi ņēma nost 100 hp.
  • VensK
    #6 VensK
    06.10.2017  16:27:23
    4em vas poludurkov ne ustraivaet to 4to ljudi delajut kakujuto dvizhuhu s 1.6? Pri4em oni prosto delajut online turnir/mix gather a ne lan kotorij bi pomeshal ili bil vmesto vashego cs:go turnira na kotorij vi i tak nikogda v zhizne ne poedite

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