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PlayStation 4 или Xbox One?

PUBG Squad LAN Event on August 4th!

Something brand new is coming your way - the first ever PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS LAN Squad event! Four squads are gonna battle it out on this Friday (August 4th) starting 8 pm local time at GOEXANIMO E-sports bar located at Riharda Vāgnera street 5 (Riga).

The event is held in co-operation with PUBG.lv and skillz.lv, which in turn chose 4 team captains who were given the task of gathering their squads for the sole purpose of challenging the title of first ever PUBG Squad LAN event!


Without further ado - 4 team captains and their squads are:

  • Team grianD - grianD, Gekons, pKc, ShiNi

  • Team kompots - kompots, CAK, RocketGuy, Nikinjsh

  • Team KEM4 - KEM4, gobbijs, cimdinjsh, sLIDe

  • Team Barvedis - Barvedis, davsty, htky, nishta


Event schedule:

  • 20:00-21:00 - Team arrival + warm-up games

  • 21:00 - Official event start

  • 21:30-23:00 - Public games

  • 23:00-00:00 - Private games (LAN)

  • 00:00-01:00 - Break

  • 01:00-03:00 - Private games


We invite all public game applicants to join PUBG.lv discord server in order to maintain communication between players during the event!

Also to note is the fact that GOEXANIMO E-sports bar is going to be open all night long this Friday, so you are more than welcome to pay a visit to enjoy a drink, grab a snack and play PlayStation4 or board games! Not to mention - you’ll be able to meet all PUBG Squad event teams in person!

Note: It is strictly forbidden to enter GOEXANIMO E-sports bar with your own food or drinks! Violation of these rules will result in persons banishment from bar’s premises.


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