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PlayStation 4 или Xbox One?

Sunday PUBG 27.08.2017 19:00

27.08.2017 - is the day when all players from the Baltic states who enjoy playing Player Unknown's Battlegrounds are welcome to participate in the really awesome matches between the best of the Baltic players. For the first time we're ready to open our doors for you and your friends to participate in squad matches, therefore this time we give you plenty of time to organize the most skilled lobbies and take part in this week's Sunday matches between teams from the Baltics.

I would like to kindly remind that we're expecting very powerful teams from the European top 100 list to participate so a few practices here and there should do no harm.


27th of august loc.t. 19:00 (GMT+2);

  • Server: Pochinki FM
  • Password will be shared within the livestream;
  • Format: 3x SQUAD games, with all settings left as default except RED zone is disabled;


Combined winners of all games that will score the most points will receive an invitation to 03.09.2017 with qualifying points;

  • Explanation: four players from the winning team will start the tournament with 10pts already as a won game from the series;

RSVP reservation: PUBG.LV discord (https://discord.gg/FDgf2zc), User : kompots;

  • Just send a DM that you would like to reserve a spot for the event. All necessary information will be given there;


This week's event will consist of 3 sequential games that will be played one by one with a 10-15 minute gap for players to join the server and prepare for the match. Event is focused on longest surviving team not most kills;


We have no specific rule set that should be taken in account that is not described in official rules set by Playerunknown's Battleground that you can find here: http://playbattlegrounds.com/rulesOfConduct.pu


According to rules set by Playerunknown's Battleground all players that would like to stream the event from their POV are required to set atleast 120 second delay while playing the official games to prevent themselves and teammates from being stream sniped. Ignoring this rule will result with a disqualification from event.


  • 1st place - 10 pts
  • 2nd place - 9 pts
  • 3rd place - 8 pts
  • 4th place - 7 pts
  • 5th place - 6 pts
  • 6th place - 5 pts
  • 7th place - 4 pts
  • 8th place - 3 pts
  • 9th place - 2 pts
  • 10th place - 1 pt
  • 10th+ place - 0 pts

The team that will score the most points after all of the games will be the winner. In the case of multiple teams having the same result the team that has scored most kills during the event games while remaining in top10's - wins!

Registration for the event is not mandatory. It just guarantees you a spot in the event in the case if more than 25 teams apply.

Автор: kompots @ 23.08.2017 10:17
  • #1 vovkEEE
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  • LagerLV
    #2 LagerLV
    23.08.2017  11:41:02
    A ko pa LV? Vaitad nevajadzēja pa eng rakstīt visu? :DDDD
  • osin
    #3 osin
    23.08.2017  12:08:42
    Paldies Kompot, es vel par zaļu, patrenešos un kadu citu reizi piedališos! :)
  • kompots
    #4 kompots
    23.08.2017  12:10:48
    Dalībnieku prasmju līmeņi variē diezgan plašā spektrā, taka ja ir komandas biedri, droši vari meģināt, jo pasākums ir vairāk kā izklaide, nevis sporta pasākums.

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