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PlayStation 4 или Xbox One?

Varlė.lt Kings of the Baltics: €10,000 up for grabs!

Are you ready for some eSports action? We bet you do and so as we! Varlė.lt Kings of the Baltics is set to start at 23rd of September and registration to the event is already open! Together with a title participants will share over a €10,000 prize pool that is set to be the biggest in Baltic eSports history for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends


Varlė.lt Kings of the Baltics


  • Tournament page & Rules: [Link]
  • Registration page: [Link] (open till 17.09)
  • Prize pool: CS:GO - €7,000, League for Legends €3,000
  • LAN finals: 9-10th of December @ Vilnius, Litexpo


And great news don't end up here - there is no entry fee both in CS:GO and LoL qualifiers! Tournament is Baltic region restricted and at least 3 members of an active roster must represent Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. LAN finals expenses will also be covered by the hosting side but only for players from the Baltics. 


Already hyped? Then head over to the official website and secure your spot in the qualifier.


Useful links:

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    Ir kada vieta LoL komanda? pref supp
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